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In the world of yacht charters, the Central Agency, also known as the Clearing House, handles all the aspects of charter broker bookings, inquiries, charter contracts, and payments associated with the charter. 

Concierge Yachting provides the following services while promoting your yacht to worldwide charter brokers as your Central Agency:

  • List your yacht on the charter industry's MLS (Central Yacht Agent) by creating a specialized e-brochure and pricing based on careful market analysis. 

  • Work closely with the owner and captain to develop a marketing campaign targeting the worldwide charter broker network to maximize exposure and bookings.

  • Quickly respond to charter inquiries and negotiate rates according to the owner’s instructions.

  • Provide sample itineraries and marketing tools to assist the retail charter broker in making the sale.

  • Prepare contract details, approve contract, communicate confirmation of charter to crew and obtain owner signed contract.

  • Collect and disburse charter funds according to the contract with Concierge Yachting as stakeholder.



Your designated Central Agent manages charter inquiries and contracts, act as a primary point of communication between the crew, captain, and yacht owners, and provide recommendations, advice, and support for upcoming charters. Your Central Agent also oversees the signing of the charter contract, processes payments, and follows up with brokers after the conclusion of the charter, ensuring every detail of the charter process has been met with satisfaction.


Consider using Concierge Yachting as your Central Agency and Elizabeth White as your designated Central Agent.


Let us help you make your yacht charter program exceptional.

Interested in our crewed charter concierge services for yacht owners? 

Please contact us if you are interested in our consulting services with your existing charter program or if you would like to place a boat you own or plan to purchase into a crewed charter program.  We will be very happy to assist you with your charter support needs. 

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