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Serenity  (Lagoon 630 Motor Catamaran 2019) is a custom dream getaway in the magical setting of the Bahamas: All aboard Serenity!  We’ve thought of everything to offer you a getaway that will live up to your expectations. You’ll enjoy
numerous amenities on board, but with the luxury to enhance your stay by planning activities and unique stopovers. The many possibilities include, for example, savouring local delicacies to discover the culture of this exotic destination. Everything will be attended to so every guest is satisfied. 

To fully experience the stunningly scenic destination of the Bahamas, rely on our crew to set sail for both the most famous sights and best-kept secrets of this magical region. For days on end, experience endless pleasures and discoveries as you soak up the sun, savour local cuisine and disembark to discover the local culture. The Bahamas have been a top destination for many years now, thanks to their dream climate, white sandy beaches and many natural wonders. Book your catamaran today and get ready to dive right into adventure. 

No matter what cruise you select, your captain will never steer you wrong.   Sail over crystal clear waters as you admire the jaw-dropping colours of the vibrant aquatic life all around you. Our crew will be there to answer any request and ensure you enjoy a memorable stay. As the days go by, trust your captain with one of our deluxe itineraries or design a custom itinerary of your own for a cruise that’s just your style. Discover a rich culture and an authentic destination.

Meet Your Serenity Crew
Captain David Langlois

Captain David Langlois, originally from Quebec, Canada, recognized at a younger age the Bahamas as the location where he could combine three of his biggest passions in life: sailing, diving, and literal immersion into the marine life as a forum for ocean conservation and education. Captain David has completed his theoretical and practical training for his international captain’s license and has honed his skills by captaining in the Bahamas for the past decade. Because it is us saying it, we can brag a bit: our guests love him. From a written review by a recent charter client: “David takes extra special care of his guests and crew on board. David is always willing to teach us along the way whether it’s about sailing, safety, spear fishing, sharing knowledge about the islands, water, marine life, culture… and the list goes on. He is an extremely patient person and is great with kids and adults. He is a good man, who genuinely cares about the people he is around and the ocean/environment he is sailing on.” If you enjoy discovering unusual island secrets and ocean treasures above and below, Captain David eagerly looks forward to introducing you to an adventure of a lifetime among some of the most pristine and beautiful islands in the world.

Chef Mickael St-Martin

Chef Mickael St-Martin was born and raised in Quebec, Canada. Mickael acquired his culinary certificate from the Institut d'Hôtellerié du Québec, one of the best cooking and hospitality schools in Montreal. He has worked as an executive chef at many prestigious restaurants and private chef in Quebec before the calling of the sea brought him to his current position as a yacht chef aboard Serenity. Mickael, happiest in the galley and known for his true to life motto: “Arrive as guest and leave as a family!” You can expect professional culinary cuisine with a blend of creativity and passion for fresh herbs and spices, all of which are beautifully presented. He also prepares delicious international meals, according to your preferences, from all over the globe: the Caribbean, America, France and Italy, to name but a few. Mickael is a charismatic well-rounded chef executing both hot and cold food preparation, molecular cuisine, pastry, and fruit carvings. Mickael also has experience as a nutrition counselor and can create gourmet menus following restrictive diets such as gluten and dairy free. Mickael’s friendly, caring, and adventurous personality will be sure to make your holiday one to remember within the breath-taking beauty of the Exumas!

Sample Meal Menus
Example Sailing Itineraries in the Bahamas

Minimum 5 nights charter fee plus expenses. 

For 6 night charters, divide weekly rate by 7 nights x 6 nights. For 5 nights divide weekly rate by 6 nights x 5 nights.

Thank you for this incredible week on Serenity.  Our incredible Captain David led us to explore colorful corals, sea turtles, fish, and also gave us the courage to swim with sharks!  Chef Monica meals were extraordinary.  Dion showed us his singing and dancing talent (Bob Marley) during our onboard karaoke night.  - Alexandre and Marc-Antoine
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