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The Exuma Islands

Some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth are here. Viewed by only a few fortunate souls who have been lucky enough to find the right guide and boat to charter! Here's a glimpse into your Exumas Adventure....enjoy!

Day1 - Palm Cay 

Arrive at Palm Cay, relax at the Beach Club before settling into your cabin and maybe enjoy a meal at the lovely 'Pink Octopus' restaurant and bar.

Day2 - Allen Cay and Iguanas

A beautiful and fun introduction to the Exumas following the 4hr crossing from Nassau. 

Day 3 - Hawksbill Cay Mangroves

Crystal clear waters lead your boat through channels of mangroves to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Turtles, Rays and nurse sharks watch as you slowly meander through the passages.....

Day 4 - Staniel Cay

The beautiful centre of the Northern Exumas. Explore Thunderball Grotto, swim with the Nurse Sharks and Swimming Pigs and maybe enjoy a night out at the famous Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Day 5 - Bells Cay and Aquarium

The front yard for the Aga Khan and Johnny Depp can be your playground.....beautiful, warm, calm waters are just the beginning.....

Day 6 - Shroud Cay

Part of the National Park and just stunning. In my opinion, maybe the most beautiful beach on the decide!

Day 7 - Highbourne Cay

Prepare for the crossing back to Nassau with a final play. Dream Beauty has enough toys to keep 40 people happy......when you charter us, it's just you!!

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