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Shores of the Exumas

Updated: Feb 25

Stocking Island is the epitome of paradise with powdery white sand, swaying palms, and waters teeming with coral gardens and undersea caves.

Jolly Hall Beach is lined by beautiful casuarina trees and boasts of sparkling white-as-sugar sand and crystal-clear turquoise shallow waters making it a great option for charter guests traveling with children.

Stretching 1½ miles, the long crescent of white sand known as Tropic of Cancer Beach, or its official name, Pelican Beach, delivers perfect tropical island bliss.

Coco Plum Beach is the ultimate spot for a relaxing beach stroll, where you can walk for miles soaking up the warm sun as you gather seashells, sand dollars, and other little treasures that line the shore.

Horshoe-shaped Saddle Cay, found on the northern end of the Exumas, is renowned for its crystal clear waters and is great for snorkeling and diving year-round.

Named after the legendary Three Sisters Rocks, according to Bahamian lore, beautiful Three Sisters Beach is believed to be a magical place that will bring visitors good luck and romance.

A luxury yacht charter in the Exumas, Bahamas delivers unbeatable beach bliss.

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